About the comic

Dork Toes is an autobigraphical, mostly black and white comic about Hanne Dewachter and her adventures that may involve poop, cursewords and the occasional sexual reference. The site officially went online early January 2012 and Hanne is still trying quite hard not to fuck it up. Oh, and the site itself was very lovingly put together by Rob Geertsen. Thanks Rob!


About the maker

Hanne Dewachter is a Belgian 27-year old with a fascination for blue food and a tiny kind of fear of the sprouts of old potatoes. She quit school with a bachelor’s degree in Animation and she’s worked in multiple animation studios in Belgium. Hanne hopes to eventually combine Animation and Comics in her later professional life, when she’s all grown up. In fact, she’s kind of doing it now. At the moment. Crazy! Also writing about herself in third person makes her feel odd.





Do you want a commission? Or wanna send fan-/hatemail, perhaps? All good!
Feel free to contact me at Dorktoes(at)gmail.com