#84 : Nope

Guys.. I'm really sorry. I really wanted to make a comic this week, really, but by now I think it's better if I skip a week and give you a good one next tuesday. There's just been a lot of things on my mind and a lot I had to do like being away from home for 12 hours a day the past days, planning an upcoming vacation, the little magazine me and rob are putting together..

Oh right, so we have a magazine: www.Artropoda.com
It's a monthly little comic-zine-thing that's a compilation of a couple Belgian comic artists. It's mixed Dutch and English. Here's the facebook page: Artropoda Magazine

We hope to get enough funds to make it more awesome every month. Also, if you're a Belgian Comic Artist that's interested in working together on a thing like that you can always contact me at Hanne.Dewachter.89 (at) gmail.com. Just so you know.

And again, sorry.

DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

Dork Toes year 4, 2015.
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