# 243 - I Love Me


HEY. Check out Aya Sabi if you can, she wrote some really pretty things.


In case you haven’t heard: there’s this thing going on in Belgium and France where they want to ban Burkinis from public beaches (and in one case, forced a woman to take off her clothes). Which is completely moronic on every level. There was a cute little protest in favor of women doing whatever the hell they want in Antwerp, and here’s a short impression. It was nice and fun and just fine.

I really wanted to make a comic about what happened but by now the discourse over this has gotten really tired and really rotten and I can’t even believe people are having this “problem” in the first place, so I’m kinda done about the whole thing.

Such a nice thing that I’m from a layer of the population that can just kind of choose to stop being affected by thoughts and behaviours as this. Hey. Now THAT’S privilige.

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DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

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