# 289 - Adventures (Maybe Soon)


Hi darlings. Have a sketchy comic. I know it might be odd to long for unemployment, but man, I can’t wait to sleep in and have free days again. To go wherever and climb trees.

So, I didn’t plan it this way, but for the people who read this blurb below the comics: I miss telling stories. I miss making worlds and seeking adventure and having endings.

And I’m thinking of taking a break from Dork Toes somewhere in the relatively near future.
I thought I’d say it up front.
To be sure: this is not set in stone! I just really want to explore my story-telling capacities again, and I don’t really have the time to do that right now. Should I take a hiatus (from a couple of months to maybe a year), my plan would be to keep the website updated with the new, non-autobio comics on a different archive. Still regular updates, just different content. I wanted to tell you guys and hear your thoughts.

I really love doing this comic and I don’t think I would outright just quit, but I would love to find out what else I can do. Thanks for reading, as always. Don’t worry, I’m still here.

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DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

Dork Toes year 4, 2015.
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