So if I need to specify something, I’m g

onna put some text underneath the drawing. Some of the scans are not the best, but whaddaya gonna do. This was my first couchsurfnight, a 90’s concert, in which one of my hosts played bass.



Sorry everything’s so muddy, the pages got kinda smooched together it seems.


Kai and Alana were my first hosts. Dang, they were kinda awesome. Also, puns.


Annie was my second host. You saw her in last week’s comic. Again, fucking awesome ladyface.comic6


This dude made that shit himself. His name is Ela, the album I have of him is named Long Period Events, look it up (although it doesn’t seem like this instrument is on it).


Okay, so you should google all of these bands: On Ensemble, Bettman & Halpin, Johnny Boyd. I bumped into them randomly (by listening to guy guy above who told me they would be performing in the hotel he was playing in front of)



Bedlam Coffee Shop in Seattle. Look it up.


This was another couchsurfhost. welp.



.. Sorry mom.



And that concludes this gargantuan post, with the first page of me in Portland.

Thanks for reading, more will follow.

#143 : All Of Seattle

Okay, so I'm sorry if the layout of the comic is fucking weird, everything keeps sliding to the left but right now I can't get it fixed. I'll try again soon. I hope the text is readable. Anyway! Here is my long-awaited update! Look at all those pages, dang. I don't know when the next update will be, keep an eye out for the dork toes facebook page. Thanks for reading! I hope you're enjoying this.

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DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

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