#182 : Goa-Trance Rhymes With Dance

As a person who used to have a hard time being able to dance in public due to some hardcore self-consciousness, it always makes me happy to be in an environment that's so oblivious to that kind of self-doubt. By now I've come to a mental place where it's hard for me to even imagine ever having cared that much. Now I go at it so hard that I cripple myself in other ways, really.

I listened to a lot of trance while drawing this comic so I could get the movements right. Here, have a nice youtube mix! It was kinda hard to sit still enough to draw. I just came back from Lost Theory Belgian Edition but I feel like I can go for another week.
(This comic was lots of fun to draw, by the way. I should just find a way to get paid by drawing dancing people)

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DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

Dork Toes year 4, 2015.
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