#36 : Kamperfoelie

I originally had a much more lighthearted and funny comic planned for today, but then that happened.
Like I said in the comic, it wasn't a shock, exactly. Her lungs were failing, she was deathly skinny and she had just had a pretty bad respiratory attack a day or two earlier. I had to go clean out my studentroom to move back home, so I was away for a day and a half when it happened. And that sucks.
Foelie wasn't the most affectionate rat. She was my first and could be grumpy and unpredictable and aloof, but she had her sweet and cute and playful moments.
You may have seen her in these two comics: Day Is Done, and Yin Yang.

The last drawing is a 'personification' of my rat. She isn't looking grumpy in my direction, she just.. looks grumpy and confused in general. And because you'd want to see the furry face anyway:

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