# 323 - Perpetuum Fabule by Frank De Raedt


Okay, so I had a really good laugh with this one. Thank you, Frank/Jake! For more of his stuff, I’ll let him talk for a bit:

Today’s artist would like to simultaneously offer apologies and thanks. Apologies to the audience for the “lower fidelity” of today’s art and the resulting headache. Thanks to Hanne for this chance at reaching a bigger audience, while also getting the chance to [BLAST WITH ADVERTISING] her dear readers. Some facts about me:

– I’ve been making a webcomic for over five years now. However, three and a half of those were spent in hiatus, doing zero comics. Add zero formal training to that and you might get why they still look like they do. If you’d like savour more of my peculiar brand you can find weekly updates over at http://comedyreflux.com.

– Since the summer of 2017, I’ve been at work on a passion project of mine, the first video game I made that’s actually coming out. It’s a mobile (Android only) title called Brood – Winter Sovereign 冬王 (or Broed – Winterkoning 冬王 for those with their Android device in Dutch) about getting a hatching of winter wrens through the season alive. The adults have to hunt for food, while being hunted themselves. *dun, dun, DUN* Also, I’m actually pretty proud of some of the animation I put in there.

If it’s out by the time you read this, you can find the game on the play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saffronstreams.touou

(If it’s not, only testers can see this page, others see a “not found” message)

You can find out some more about the development process here: https://saffronstreams.blogspot.be/

DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

DorkToes #4 OUT NOW!

Dork Toes year 4, 2015.
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